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Why We Exist

We exist because there is a need to contribute to the economic and social development of the SME sector in Africa, and we do this by providing equity capital and other risk capital to sustainable businesses in Nigeria and across Africa.


Improving lives and communities by helping entrepreneurs realize their full business potential.


We envision a world where entrepreneurs in Africa have access to the capital, tools, and support they need to improve the economy, their communities, and the environment.



Focus: Our primary focus is our desire to change lives for the better through investing in entrepreneurs, which is what the company’s vision is based on,  and how we do it as efficiently as possible (scale, returns to investor, professionalism, and controls).

Ethical: We are honest and fair – to our investors, investees, partners – and to ourselves. We also have a good sense of judgment.

Leadership & Accountability: We value leadership, not as an expression of rank, but as a service – to our cause, our stakeholders, and to each other. We take responsibility and are accountable to our colleagues and the business as a whole. We also realize that being proactive in communicating problems or potential problems—especially where we have prepared a potential set of solutions—is critical.

Empowerment & Full Potential: Through our work, we know that talent is universal, while the opportunity is not evenly distributed. We believe that – in the right environment – every committed person can make an amazing contribution to an important cause. We strive to create this environment across all our work and take joy in the growth of our people and partners, especially in the realization of their full potential.

Risk Capital

We provide our portfolio companies with various types of growth capital to meet the unique economic and cultural needs of each of our markets. Our focus is to be set on sustainable businesses that would not otherwise be initiated because of the high risk involved.

Business Growth & Support

Through our growth support program and our network of experts, LIC actively partners with our portfolio companies to improve their operational capacity and maximize growth potential. We will work with you to overcome your business challenges and maximise business opportunities.

Area of Operations

Since we are just starting out, we have no major area of operations. However, it is in our projected plan to expand our geographical footprint and to be present in the whole of Nigeria and across the diaspora of Africa 

Sectors We Focus On

While we are open to funding SMEs across sectors on the understanding that consumers at the base of the pyramid need access to a complete range of goods and services, LIC focuses on SGBs operating in education, agriculture, technology, food services, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare. LIC targets these vital needs sectors because of the impact these businesses have on their capacity to alleviate poverty.

Such SGBs are particularly at risk of being underserved or underserved by traditional financiers as they undertake capital-intensive activities and have long gestation periods for their projects to come to fruition. LIC dual approach to finance and business support gives such high-impact SGBs the tools they need to succeed and maximize their contribution to the community, thus touching multiple lives at the base of the pyramid.